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Welcome page


This site is for anybody who is thinking of starting an online gaming clan, and established clans wanting to make a mark.


The very fact that you are reading this web site tells me that you want to be not just a clan leader, but a good clan leader.


The early pages are the basic stuff that you will may well know, but some won’t, so its there for them. The good stuff is near the end but its worth reading it all as you may well pick up a few points on things.


Some of the topics covered are


Start up tips


Running servers


Populating your servers


Sorting the running costs


Building a winning team


Even how to deal with difficult members



Clan leader’s forum


The clan leader’s forum is now open.


It’s been hard work learning PHP. But I am getting there bit by bit. Any way that’s my problem. I have put a copy of the entire manual on the forum so you can comment on any of the pages if you so wish. It is also housing the clan leader’s resources forum and will over time have every link you, as a clan leader could wish for.


So pop over now and have a look.


clan leaders manual forum





            I am currently working on the links pages, its taking some time to make sure that I am only listing the best websites in each category. Please do have a look. You may find a better deal than you already have.


Links page


You may come across things that are new to you or terms you may want to research, so we have added a Google search bar on every page, feel free to use it as it will open in a new window and you will not lose your place in the clan leaders manual


The best way to use this guide is the read all the way through using the next button at the bottom of the page. Once you have read it all you can use the site map to look at any of the pages again.


Click the next button, and we will start this journey.


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